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Best Way To Impress Your Trainer


Working with a personal trainer is one of the best ways to stay on track with your fitness goals. A personal trainer can provide the guidance, encouragement, and strategies you need to help you stay healthy and fit. When working with a trainer it is best to view the relationship as a partnership. You are working together to become your best physical self. You can best impress your trainer by doing your part. Here’s how:

Establish Clear Fitness Goals:

Be clear about your purpose at the outset. Don’t create your instructor touch like he or she is dragging teeth when it derives time to talk over procedures and objectives. Before you begin, have some idea of what you would like to accomplish in your sessions together. Understanding why you are working with the trainer and where you hope to be as you progress makes it so much easier to know if you are on track and where you may need to make some adjustments.

Be Flexible:

Although it is important to have some fitness goals as you work with your trainer it is also important to be flexible and open to the expertise your trainer has to offer.  Be willing to listen to suggestions and advice.

Push Yourself:

Try harder. Your personal trainer should not have to force you to cooperate. As your chief fitness cheerleader, there will be times your trainer encourages you to do more than you think you can. Go for it – approach each session with a can do, willing attitude.

Keep a Food Diary:

Fitness is supported by diet and nutrition. Don’t sabotage your hard work with food choices made without thought for the consequence to your waistline or health goals.

Live your commitment:

Engaging a personal trainer is only one piece of the healthy lifestyle puzzle. Resolve to work on the other pieces as well to get the best overall health picture. Get adequate rest, adopt a healthy diet, exercise regularly – not just during your training sessions, drink alcohol in moderation and eliminate tobacco and non-prescription drugs.

Show up on time and ready to work:

Treat your time together respectfully. Arrive on time and be prepared to put in your best work. If the unavoidable happens and you have to cancel or find that you are running late, call to inform your trainer as soon as possible.

Read your contract fully:

This will help you establish a good relationship and eliminate potential misunderstandings.

Pay on time:

Personal trainers have worked hard to offer the expertise and guidance they provide. They perform a service and expect to be paid fairly for that service. Always pay on time.

Give and Receive Feedback:

If something isn’t working, don’t sulk, say so. Again, you and your personal trainer are partners on the fitness path. Talk about how things are going and how you want to address any problems that arise.

Finally, when you must end the relationship is sure to give appropriate notice.

Engaging a personal trainer in a well-reputed fitness franchise is an important step toward optimal health and fitness. Get the best out of your obligation by interconnecting with your instructor and working hard to achieve your objectives.