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No More Excuses To Skip A Workout

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Every day there is a changed excuse for why you have to skip a workout. Work ran late, you sleep too long, you can’t miss that birthday dinner with friends; the list goes endlessly. Whatever it is, we’re all embarrassed by making a good excuse to skip a workout at some point or another.  Instead of giving yourself a reason to back out, make it so you won’t want to.

Excuse: I don’t know what do in the gym

No more Excuse: Join a Class

If you without purpose wander around the gym, rendering your time there ineffective, then join a class. Instead of letting your gym time go to waste-or worse, skipping it because you think it will make an assurance to a class. Not only does somebody tell you exactly what to do, but it is ill-mannered to sign up for a class and then skip it, giving you more motivation to follow through.

Excuse: I can’t encourage myself to go

No more Excuse: Go With a Friend

There are few things that encourage you to work out as well as having a friend because there’s a sense of commitment when you tell a friend you will train with them. Whether it’s after work or first thing in the morning, it’s one more barrier between you and your excuse. Even better, switch off who picks the workout, whether it be running, yoga, weights, etc. Variety makes it relaxed to log your exercise hours every day.

Excuse: I don’t like running or going to the gym

No more Excuse: Do What You Love

You don’t have to be lifting weights or running to get a good exercise. As long as you’re active for 30 minutes a day you are making progress. Instead of pushing yourself to do something you hate, choose rather you love to do. Not sure where to start? Try a dance class, swimming, hiking, biking, and jump rope etc.

Excuse: There is just no time

No more Excuse: Plan It In

Like anything in your life, if it is not scheduled in you’ll overlook about it or blow it off. Take your workouts as seriously as dinner with friends, and make definite you find time for it in your regular calendar. Instead of trying to cuddle in a workout after work, knowing you always run out of the office late, make time in the morning or during lunch. When you plan your workout around your schedule, you are more probable to make it happen. The best time to work out is your lunch break. Not only are you more possible to follow through because it is better than working, but you catch a jolt of energy for the second half of your day.

Excuse: I don’t have a gym membership

No more Excuse: Make a Home Gym

No, I am not talking about adding a room onto your house and filling it with lavish workout equipment. If you can do that, go for it. However, the easier way to achieve the same thing is to turn your garage or an empty room into your workout space. Still, won’t work? A few small items are all you want to make your workout count, and it is easy to hide these in your living room or bedroom. Not sure what do? Buy a workout video and follow along.

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