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Stupid Mistakes to Avoid at the Gym


It may be your first day going to the gym or you may be a gym enthusiast who may work out multiple times a day still it’s important to be able to know the basics of gym etiquettes and about how to properly use each machines without bothering anyone else.  You should be well aware of the gross mistakes which you can make which can terminate your enrolment to the gym or any fitness center for that matter. We have tried to give an insight into how you should behave and what you can avoid in order to be considered a good gym member.  The first major mistake that people make is that they would want to hit the gym or in other words go to the gym every day.

Even f you are a highly motivated and passionate person who wants to gain muscle or mass or wants to lose fat this doesn’t mean that you will have to be in the gym all round the week, some studies suggest that 4 times a week is enough but people vary according to their own mood and time. Working out on machines is a reliable and good way to shape your body, gain stamina and tone it but relying solely on the equipment day in and day out will drain your energy completely, take this from a person who is going through the same and trying to battle this war which has been haunting him for years.  If you become consistent with your workout routine this means that this routine will definitely lead to a fitter body than before; because as they say consistency is the key however don’t forget that overexertion can hamper your ability to recover muscle and mental peace, you don’t have to hit machines everyday to stay in shape why not substitute that with a walk or a sauna session this means that 5 days is quite sufficient.

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Regardless of how good your work out sessions, it’s vital to get a good warm up before you start exercising so that no muscle gets pulled or somehow no issue develops.  Through my own experience I have seen that the moment beginners enter the gym, they just start working out without warming up. And, the rest of them consider warm-ups as a beginner’s job, they look upon themselves as proficient; which is quite wrong; never forget that everyone has to make their muscles ready for heavy lifts and continuous workouts before any heavy lifts so that the risk of injury can be eliminated.  If you are interested in gyms and want to get into this profession then why not look into gyms for sale near your area and buy one today. So the best way to warm up is through light weight reps and sets, why not cycle for a little while or brisk walk, get your body pumping for the real hard action.

It is important to work out with a goal or better yet go for some personal training if you can’t research on your own and need some insistence early on in your gym going days, so before you go to the gym, plan short-term and long-term-goals.  Moreover, it’s important to care about the equipment that you use as you don’t own it but care about others who will use it after you, why not take a towel with you to swipe off sweat.  Try to sanitize machines or tell the staff to do so, as its also unethical to leave a machine without wiping off the sweat off it.

Try to analyze the gym as a work place and try to get the most out of it, don’t start endless conversations with your friend as someone would be getting affected because of your conversations and in a way would also affect your concentration however I think talking to someone else and exercising with friends is good as you stay motivated and pumped up.

In the end I would like to say that do not move too fast, working out is a gradual phase which needs baby steps to make you progress with serious determination and continuous hard work.  Why set a particular muscle with a particular day so that I between you can take rest or you can make a plan by doing set of different exercising targeting the major areas of the body which you want to improve.  Always try to follow these simple rules and avoid the ones told above not the mention putting weights back at their stands, which really annoys me!