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Wedding Photography Done Right


Wedding photography is one kind of photography that takes place in this industry. Not only it is a well reputable branch in photography it pays quite handsomely as well as creates a lot of networking and connections for photographers who then can create an awestruck portfolio of theirs. Wedding photography is quite popular in the Middle East with many wedding photographer Dubai working as freelance and part time professionals that try to establish new out of the box techniques to catch that one amazing shot.

This portfolio can be then used to persuade new clients in order to book their events and weddings with the photography team covering one event thus word of mouth and now with the establishment of social media it show cases all your work under one roof. Highlighting all the major events that you attend and work on catering to more audiences and potential clients.

As in today’s fast paced 21st century world that we live is controlled by technology or in fact as I like to say we control it if technology doesn’t control us so new technological advancements and innovations are being incorporated into different fields. Same is the case with photography where photographers and picture takes now use software’s editing solutions and also cameras with amazing light effects and lenses to zoom into another frame all together.

The interesting addition to their arsenal has been the use of drone technology and how now drones and camera drones are bring used for the best capture and best picture shot even in weddings to capture a 360 degree angle. Which includes all components from the food, to the guests to the meetings and then to the actual wedding vows. Wedding photography is basically the photography of capturing events and activities that are related to a wedding and may vary according to different types of weddings of different cultures.

What includes in this type of photography, well it incorporates and involves the photos of the couple which may include different type of photos for cards, for announcements, for the ceremony and the basic holistic coverage of the overall event and so we can easily say that it is a commercial branch of photography and they are specialists.

We see that technology has evolved as we mentioned it above as well however wedding photography has grown since it was started as a type of art during the eighteenth century when a French artist started to photograph couple in weddings as a form of art. At that time it was a different time with cameras as big as our today’s television screens. However we also have to add here that in those early times wedding photography was considered a very costly service to acquire and could not be afforded by most of the people other than the highly rich monarchs and empresses and the wealthy families.

In fact wedding photography and the trend to hire a professional started in the later nineteenth century, when more people then started to hire expert professionals who had different angles and traits with them. Formal photography with time changed and brought with it more photographers and more uniqueness. Contact Kamie Photography who provide an array of different photography services and specialise in wedding and event photography not to mention other services as well.